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Wow! What great snow! December 5, 2010

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Hi there Willow,

Hope you are all ok. Did you have a great time in the snow? Hope you managed to get out in it and go sledging or something!! Sadly it was far too slippy for me, so I could only look at it through the window!! I can hardly believe there was so much now, it has melted quite a bit, at least off the roads anyway.

Hows it all going in class? Have you finished the topic yet? Dis you enjoy the Aswan Dam debate? I expect you’ll be starting on a new DT project soon, that’s lots of fun!

Have you all started your Christmas shopping? No doubt it will soon be our classes turn to sort the Christmas cards. Hope the Christmas Service rehearsals go well, I am hoping to come to that and to work with choir in preparation so that will be good. Fergal has already put his special reindeer slippers  and his Father Christmas hat and scarf set on so he’s looking very festive! I need to order some ingredients from Waitrose so I can make some mince pies and other bits ready, just such a organisational nightmare when I can’t carry anything!!

I still haven’t been able to work out how to get the images off my phone so I can’t upload any pictures, and at the moment I can’t find any of those smileys either so no hope there!!

Blog back if you can,

It is so lovely to hear from you

love from Mrs Meckiffe xx


Peg Leg Meckiffe! November 12, 2010

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Do you think she looks like me?!!

Hi there Willow,

I am finally back at home and laying about in bed!! My foot is in a huge plaster and it is very heavy to move about so I think I will have to just sit about for a while as I can’t put any weight on it!! I have taken a photo of it with Fergal when I was in hospital, he thinks he is my personal nurse! (Just wish he could go downstairs and make me a nice cup of tea, but he can’t manage the stairs with hot tea in his paw!) but as yet I hven’t worked out how to download the photos from my phone to the PC!!

I do hope you are all being good, thank you so much for the good luck card you made me.  Mrs Tong is coming to see me today so I’ll give her Boofles to bring back to you. Also thank you for the get well cards, they are lovely and cheered me up yesterday! Did you all have a good firework night? I went to Winchester and stood on the top of the hill where we could see all the firework displays for miles, lovely!! Hope the rememberance assembly goes well, I’m sure the song will sound great and no doubt the poems will be beautifully read. Let me know how it goes.

Missing you!

With love

Mrs Meckiffe xx

P.S if you want to leave a comment make sure you click on this message comment bit at the bottom so I can ad it to the right one!! I have read all your other comments but quite a few are on the first post I did!

p.p.s My sisiter has just been to visit and has left a comment for you all plus a photo of her with Westlife whom she interviewed on the television this week!!


October 29, 2010

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Hi there Willow Class!

So sorry not to have got round to sending this earlier in the week, my comput er got a virus and wouldn’t let  me go on the internet!! Then once I had sorted that out I couldn’t find the piece of paper I had written the instructions on about how to load this site and what the password was, so another delay!!

Anyway I do hope that you have all had a super half term break and have done lots os exciting things and perhaps been to some interestng places? I have to confess to not doing anything very exciting, in fact I have mostly been playing on a new game on the Wii (Wii party!!) I trust that Boofles has been good and had an enjoyable time with Georgia and Ellie?

Well thats about it or now, if anyone has tine over the weekend and could take a few photos of ome of the more modern houses in Petersfield, such as the ones in Mogs Mead for our art toopic that would be great, we need to look at some of the more recent buildings, as well as al the older ones, too.

Enjoy the weekend, oh and Monday too (you lucky things!!)

See you on Tuesday sometime,(sorry I’m not teching that day!) 

Don’t forget your games kits!

Mrs Meckiffe


July 6, 2010

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Hi there Willow,

What an exciting time we had at Ironbridge, and it sounds like all of you who were Lamplighters had a good time too. I’m going to upload some photos of our time there for your parents and others to share in. Fergal certainly had a ball and seems to have made lots of new friends!!

We have been working hard to complete all our Victorian work and the end is nearly in sight! Sadly though it is also nearly over for our time together as a class too, and we will soon be starting on our leavers assembly, that will be fun as hopefully you all have some really good memories of your time at Herne.

Don’t forget to bring your swimming cozzies to school tomorrow, I’m expecting to see some excellent swimming in the end of year gala, particularly after you’ve all had a chance to brush up your swimmimg skills at the open air pool over the next two weeks!

See you all tomorrow

Mrs Meckiffe


Hurrah, nearly Ironbridge time! June 11, 2010

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Well, at last we have got to the weekend before Ironbridge and Fergal and I are getting quite excited as we sort out all our things to take. This is a photo of Fergal and his new friend, Buttons (Miss Deane’s bear) at a barbeque we went to last Saturday! We had a really good evening and were able to hopefully sort out how we are going to write on our blog while we are away so everyone will be able to keep up with our exploits while we are at Wilderhope!

We’ve certainly had a really packed week, we’ve done lots of topic work in preparation, particularly looking at the way a blast furnace works. I’m really looking forward to seeing the iron being cast at Blists Hill open air museum when we go there next Wednesday. The visit from the Rainbow Theatre was a real high point on yesterday, they were absolutely fantastic and we all learnt so much in one amazing hour. Our Gold Reading certificate winners had a great time this morning when they were treated to a science workshop hosted by Churchers College, it sounded a lot of fun.

All of us who are off next Monday said goodbye to Miss West, our student teacher who has been helping us this week, although she is going to still be at school with the Lamplighters next week and joining in all their activities. We look forward to her possibly coming back to give us a helping hand during our eco week in a few weeks time.

Well I’m going to go off and start my ironing and packing. Two matches down (both draws I understand!) and only …. to go before the finals!! Go England!!

See you on Monday

Mrs Meckiffe


June 2, 2010

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Half term!

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Hurrah, its half term! We have had a really busy couple of weeks leading up to this week and I simply haven’t had time to put fingers to keyboard to write a new post! Poor excuse I know but also wasn’t sure if I could just write about we had ben up to without being able to add extracts of your work! Any way as I have just read Miss Deane’s blog I can see that it is more about keeping in touch so that’s ok! Hope you ar all enjoying a well-earned rest before th final onslaught, most particularly our residential trip to Ironbridge in just over one week! I am going to add a link to the Youth hostel at Wilderhope for you to have a look at. Also for all those of you Lamplighters there is a site dedicated to Stanstead and Milestones for you to browse too. Fergal is getting very excited about the idea of going, he has got out his selection of t-shirts, jumper and hat and sharpened his pencils ready!! He has looked at the photo’s of Buttons, Yew classes bear with Miss Deane in Bath and is feeling quite jealous so I am going to see if I can attach one of him to this just to keep him quiet!

I have been reading and marking the workhouse poems you did, they certainly are very evocative and when I get back to school I’ll see if I can add a few to the site for everyone else to enjoy too. Also don’t let me forget we have got the use of a new site called brain pop and there are lots of really cool videos for us to watch to help with our learning, I’m going to check out some of the Victorian ones to see what they are like.

Well must dash now, have got loads more report writing to do 🙂 !!

Mrs Meckiffe (and Fergal)